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SANDHAN is a non-profit, non-governmental and secular organization founded in 1983. Its activities are rooted in a basic framework which values diversity, respects people's knowledge and places confidence in their capacity to learn and contribute to the growing body of knowledge.

Over the years Sandhan’s major role has been to weave quality in state initiated and community based educational programs, developed for marginalized sections of society.

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Current Events

March 2017



On site demonstrative training in language and maths –



All KGBVs of Bundi & Jodhpur








Workshop on ‘Leadership’ conducted by Mr. krishnavtar




Sharma for Sandhan faculty members at Jaipur



office.(8th march 2017)





Capacity building workshop in math for Sandhan faculty





members at Jaipur office.(23rd to 25th march 2017)



SMC training in KGBVs Ajmer and Jodhpur districts –



(28 march 2017)






April 2017




Materials development on foundational level for




mathematic and language teaching  at Jodhpur office.



(30th march to 8th April 2017)




Life skill education training in KGBVs Bundi and Jodhpur





Theatre Workshop in KGBV Bundi and Jodhpur district 




Our Location

Our Address:
C-58, Dev Nagar,Near Community Centre,Opp. Kamal & Company,Tonk Road, Jaipur-302018. INDIA

Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Sat. 10am to 5pm


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