Life Skill Education

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Life Skill Education

Life Skills Education entails, bringing one’s lived reality in educational discourse, providing opportunity for applying knowledge in decision-making and giving sufficient practice for this, so that it acquires the status of skills. SANDHAN's extensive action research and field trials have affirmed its widely shared belief that Life Skill Education can be an effective tool for empowerment. The outcome of these collective efforts at many levels has led to the evolution of Life Skill Education training program. This program attempts to instill reflective skills, negotiating skills and social skills.

SANDHAN has developed Life Skills Training Module for Ministry of Youth Affairs, Mahila Samakhya and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shikhsa Abhiyan’s (RMSA) Rajasthan Unit.

SANDHAN is periodically conducting trainings with
  • KGBVs: girls, teachers, functionaries
  •  RMSA’s Sharde hostels: girls, wardens, teachers, functionaries
  • Other organizations across the country

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