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While Capacity Building of Teachers has been an ongoing agenda for Sandhan, the year 2010-11 has been very special in as much as the scale of activities increased many folds. This was also the year of working out detailed implications of RTE, for community based initiatives, educational functionaries and Technical Resource Agencies. Sandhan took up these challenges at all three levels and focussed on identifying priority areas. This involved participation in deliberations at national level as well as active contribution at the state level Planning and implementation of RTE.
At the Institutional level, a systematic attempt was made to disseminate and analyze the knowledge that was being generated around RTE. Sandhan saw it as an opportunity to rethink on its own role in the changed context of educational delivery. A series of discussions and consultations were attempted in which the conclusions were as follows –
  1. Sandhan should continue to support adolescent education programmes like Doosra Dashak. In these, the main role would be one of pedagogical support to Teachers and Life Skill Education.
  2. Helping Doosra Dashak and other Community Based Initiatives in trainings for documentation / report writing.
  3. Focus on KGBVs should continue. Attempts need to be made for upscaling the activities by moving on to other districts also, beside Tonk and Udaipur.
Theory Building as an ongoing exercise, distilling the insights generated by active engagement at the ground level. This would include knowledge generated through evaluation of educational projects in other states.

Major Activities

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