Discussion Papers & Reports


Discussion Papers & Reports

  • Development: What is the role of outsiders, 2007.
  • Aims in Education, 2007.
  • Indian Philosophy of Education, 2007.
  • Training Workshop on Strengthening of Presentation Skills, Mahila Samakhya Uttarakhand, 2007.
  • Capacity Building Workshop for School Support Team; UNICEF, 2005.
  • Capacity Building Workshop for Gender Coordinator, Unicef; 2005.
  • Life Skills Education Training reports, Doosra Dashak, 2004-2005.
  • Mahila Samakhya Trainers Workshop, Mahila Samakhya; 2005.
  • Education Program; Ghazipur and Mirzapur, Oxfam; 2004.
  • Muktangan: Breaking a Fresh ground, Pratham: Redifining a Societal Mission, Digantar: Concepts in practice, 2003.
  • Trend Analysis of Research in Elementary Education : Policy and Management 1993-2000; NCERT, 2003.
  • Gender Equity in Education: Community Based Initiatives in India; Unesco, 2003.
  • On The Threshold: Situational Analysis of Out-of-School Adolescents in India, 2003.
  • Peer Education as a strategy to build life skills among adolescents; UNFPA, 2002.
  • Approach Paper to Integrated Curriculum for Adolescents; Unesco, 2002.
  • Counselling Needs of Adolescents: Emerging Patterns through Action Research; UNFPA, 2002.
  • Gender Analysis of Unicef Supported Education Programme; Unicef, 2001.
  • Akaal Ki Sthitiyan : Doorgami Niyojan; Action Aid, 2001.
  • Education of Adolescents and Young Adults : "State of the Art"; Unesco, 2001.
  • Opening Windows: Educating Adolescent girls; UNFPA-MHRD, 2000.
  • Workshop on Integrated education for adolescents; Unesco, 2000.
  • Roshni: An innovative programme for educating adolescent girls, 2000.
  • Education of Adolescents: Multiple Paths; UNFPA, 2000.
  • Gender Training: Sambhavana Evam Seema; LJP, 1999.
  • Children – Education and Work: Report on Workshop, NIEPA, 1998.
  • Shikshakarmi: A Paradigm Shift in Delivery of Primary Education, Shikshakarmi Project, 1997.
  • Shikshakarmi Project: Attempting Non-formalisation of Formal Education; SKP, 1996.
  • Empowerment Through Women's Groups – The Mahila Samakhya Experience; MHRD, 1996

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